First Two Days!

Posted: January 16, 2011 in Uncategorized

Hello all! I can now talk, wait, write about me and my adventures on my trip abroad. I’m really digging this whole exercise in solipsism. Anyway, enough about myself (I can go all day on that subject) and now to my semester abroad in London–wait, aren’t I just talking about myself more? Yup! Enjoy the tautology! ANYWAY, the rest of the group and I got into Heathrow Airport in London yesterday around 8 am. To digress, I watched The Expendables on the plane. It was awesome! The group’s mood was visibly subdued (you would be too if you had just taken an international flight)  but, I felt a subtle electrified buzz about. We then took a bus into London, to the place where we will be staying these next few months. I am staying at a place called International Student House, or ISH for short. We then got our room assignments and internet passes. My room is located on the fourth level in the twentieth room. The room is big (we also have our own bathroom and free WIFI! Fuck yeah!)  and I live with three other people. One person is another UWSP student, the other two are from Poland. After getting settled, the group walked down to one of the main shopping streets in London. Down there, everyone was dressed super nice. I wasn’t. Lulz. Anyway, the group splintered and I went with some people to get cheap-as-hell-pay-as-you-go track phones and ate take out sandwiches in the common area of the other location MTH. After lunch I went back to ISH and messed about until 3:30ish. Dinner was at six. So what does one do with two and a half hours of free time in London? Take a nap of course! This ended up being a really bad decision. Anyway, ate dinner…went to the ISH bar (yes, there’s a bar in my Dorm) and had an amazing beer called, Weissbier. It tasted as if Spotted Cow and Champagne had sex and the result of this tryst was a gustatorial orgasm. It was so good! After that I went out with people to a place called Pizza Express. I asked for a dessert while my dinner companions ate a main course. Didn’t know this wasn’t done in Britain. Being obviously American FTW! Since I was in the self indulgent mood, I ordered a tiramisu with a Southern Comfort and coke. The Brits might have on a beer but we have them on hard liquor! haha! After this, went back to ISH bar and went to bed. Remember when I said taking a nap was a bad decision? I couldn’t sleep, tried from midnight to 1 am. I said “screw it” and went down to join a few people from the program watch the Packers caponize the Falcons. Returned to try sleep. Didn’t sleep until 6 am. It took watching a documentary, and this is how depraved I am, on serial killers on youtube to lull me to sleep. I wish Jack the Ripper ripped jet lag (pun way intended) as jet lag sucks! Woke up today at 1:35, showered, and had orientation at 2pm. Orientation, walk to where our classes will take place, and a tour of the famous Wisconsin room, and buying an Oyster Card and school supplies took me to dinner. After dinner hung around at the ISH bar until now. Classes start tomorrow so you’d think we’d have gotten our class schedules yesterday. Nope! Didn’t gaze upon my destiny until 10 pm tonight. Pretty sweet schedule. Classes on Monday and Wednesday with the other days are free or dedicated to side trips. There you go!


P.S. The posts from now on are probably just going to be random thoughts, stories, weird experiences, and photos with captions. Not so much a blow-by-blow narrative. I’m way too busy being a student in London and way too busy being lazy! Also, I want to thank Bernanke, Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Greenspan for 12ish years of bad monetary policy (needless political jab ftw)! Getting 170 pounds for 300 dollars sucks! Its bullocks I tell you!

  1. Weissbier…hmmm. Sounds like London bier is only good because it’s GERMAN BIER! Ohhh snap! haha. I am super jealous of your class schedule.

  2. Lexy says:

    haha pete. good blog! let me know what happens when you actually hang out with londoners! ask them what they think of americans.

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