January 17. 3rd Day. First Day of Classes.

Posted: January 17, 2011 in Uncategorized

Whattup again. First day of classes went pretty well with two kinda big unfortunate occurrences. First off, Jet Lag was being a bitch. He or she (not sure which gender to assign jet lag) wouldn’t let me sleep until five am. So, basically did my first day on three-ish hours of sleep.  The walk to where my classes take place puts any walk I’ve ever done to get to class at UWSP to shame. Its 25 minutes only if you leg it like a mother bitch. First class was cool. Its a Drama/Theatre class. We basically go to plays and engage in criticism. 2 papers…easy. Lunch was fun. Its fun to live in a big city because even mundane walks are full of stimulation. I digress, Tescos is a really good grocer chain. Bought a pretty good sized lunch there for five pounds. Anyway, the second unfortunate occurrence. Since I was full from lunch and was operating on three-ish hours of sleep, I fell asleep…right in the middle of the second class which is International Studies. So I’m the first person in my group to be excoriated by a professor. Great! Not really. Anyway, I know sleeping in the middle of class is definitely rude to the professor and I offer no excuses for being weak and giving into my yearning for slumber, however I feel that he was a little too harsh. If looks could kill, I would have been eviscerated and would have died from exsanguination. Having an expansive vocabulary for anything death related is a definite advantage of listening to Death Metal. Tomorrow I’m going to the British Museum. Can’t wait!

  1. Lexy says:

    you’re so funny pete. see if you can see the bog man at the british museum! remember when katie was sad b/c he wasn’t there when we went? what plays are you going to see? Love you buddy.

    • pmunck519 says:

      I didn’t see the bog man however, I’m going back on Thursday to work on school work so I can see him then. Dude, I love the fact that going to The British Museum is a part of completing school work! As for plays, there are a bunch. I can’t remember what they are. However, a few people from the class and I are doing our independent group criticism/presentation on an Oprah about Anna Nicole Smith’s life. I can’t wait to see how they pull it off! It was interesting to get a learned, insiders opinion on the London theatre scene (of which there is actually 3 sub-scenes). He was constantly ripping on the West End theatre which I found funny.

      • Lexy says:

        haha that’s funny. is the west end all the showy musicals like Jersey Boys?

      • pmunck519 says:

        Pretty much. Since there is a lot of big business and money at stake, they tend to only take tried and tested productions. So a lot of the productions tend towards the superficial, unchallenging side.

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