Stuff I Did this Past Week Part 1.

Posted: February 8, 2011 in Uncategorized

Whattup all! I know its been a week but, I’ve either been too busy or too lazy to write anything. Mostly too lazy busy with school work. Anyway, the format is mostly going to be events, not day-to-day happenings because some days I did a whole lot of nothing and some days it was just classes. I’ve been reading Nietzsche a lot lately instead of Irvine Welsh so this blog post might be a little drier than a desert (un-creative I know) and a little colder than Ann Coulter’s heart wait, everyone knows that and that joke was so last decade so let me try again. I can’t think of anyone at the moment that’s better. Oh well, might as well get on with it before I inject more failure into this post.

Camden Market. 29th of Jan.

Camden Market is an extremely famous market in London both for its shopping and its unique culture. Camden is famous for having a thriving Goth/Punk/Metal/Freak culture and I felt oddly at home. It was good to have the cultures that I associate with being out and proud and doing well. It is a welcome change in pace from the Hollister wearing, Kanye and Bieber listening, Twilight reading culture that irritates me sometimes. Honestly, I’m pretty sure if actual music talent and artistic sophistication were the sole factors in album sales I’m pretty sure one Cradle of Filth record could out-sell any Mika album (alright, lets get some controversy going among the cousins! lol) any day! Anyway, I’ll leave that can of worms half opened for now and get on with the adventure. I had three objects to complete before the day was done. Objective one: successfully haggle a price down from its original price. Two: Buy a Venom shirt like the one found in the link ( Three: since I have my own money, buy anything else that will generally annoy or appall Mom! Love you Mom! haha! All three successful. My last transaction I haggled the price of a belt and Misfits buckle down 15 pounds from its original 35 quid price. I succeeded with the first and third objective by getting a talon-like finger guard ring from 4 pound less than its given price of 16 pounds. I’ve always wanted one ever since I saw it in the 6th grade in an Ozzy Osbourne video for the single “Gets Me Through” which can be found below:

(Note: it’s worn on his left hand, middle finger and also note, mine is pewter and more plain and  a helluva lot less expensive).

The second objective was completed and I also bought an Alien Sex Fiend t-shirt (So, third objective completed as well). I am going back to Camden to buy some gifts and a really cool gothic kilt that I saw for 35 quid! Anyway, I also bought a Nietzsche reader and a book called “The Acid House” by Irvine Welsh. Irvin Welsh is a witty, demented and profane writer. So naturally I like him! I feel as though I can go on a contact acid trip just by reading that book!

History Boys at the Rose Theatre. Feb 1st.

Excellent play turned movie by Alan Bennett! It melded blue comedy with intellectual discourse about teaching philosophy and the philosophy of history beautifully. Of course, those two weren’t the only themes running but, those were the ones I most paid attention to. Best play I’ve seen thus far in my life! 5 out of 5 stars! I mean seriously, one of the characters used sex as a metaphor for history. That material is taylor made for me!

Walking tour of Georgian and Elizabethan London. Jan. 31st.

I know its out of order. You can save your pontifical reply! Anyway, the title sums up what we did for the International Studies class. It was through the richest parts on London. Saw more Rolls Royce and Bentleys and Ferraris than I have seen my entire life. Anyway, I’ll talk about it later by mouth because typing it doesn’t do the epic-ness of the tour justice. Long story short: professor gets into a huge argument with a security guard, tells construction workers to stop working because they were too loud, and made some pour old bloke have a bit of embarrassment. Basically I changed my mind about my IS  professor. Basically dude’s a G!

Alright, I’m tired. I’ll write the rest tomorrow. Coming up: Being sick, Liverpool, and Prince Charles taking a bath!

  1. emmyho says:

    “Cradle of Filth? You don’t mean an ACTUAL cradle of filth?” “Oh, no, that’d be horrible!”
    Also, don’t blaspheme the name of Mika.
    That is all.
    PS Glad you are having fun in London!

  2. Lexy says:

    Your blog is awesome Pete, but “taylor made?” That’s weak, bro.

    Love your Camden purchases! Also, Mika is not part of the Bieber/Twishit culture. He is an outsider made of glitter, cotton candy, and Rainbow Brite reruns.

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