Stuff I Did this Past Week Part 2

Posted: February 11, 2011 in Uncategorized

I know, I promised another post  yesterday or the day before but, here is the rest of the week until Saturday night. I’ll post what I’ve been up to this week sometime this weekend. Alas, I can not deliver on my promise for Prince Charles in a bath for he has told families to forgo bathtubs because apparently they are to the environment what Godzilla is to Tokyo (! Sorry readers! Anyway…

Wednesday, Feb. 2nd:

My body decided to give me a big “F.U.” and broke down on me. I woke up with a sore throat, runny nose and low-grade fever. Getting through History class was like getting through a speech where Obama comments on economics. It was hell!  But, my History professor gave a very interesting lecture on marriage practices in 17th/18th century Britain and Mary Wollstonecraft and her early feminism. Apparently, back in the day, if one were a married who had a Tiger Woods-like sexual appetite but had the natural aversion to STDs, a common method would be to find an extremely young girl for “company”. Also, women were often guilty of being unfaithful. Goes to show how stupid arranged marriages are. Anyway, I almost went home after class and skipped Shakespeare but the effort exerted in writing three “excuse” emails is just Herculean. In Shakespeare class I battled my illness and made a good Ghost of Old Hamlet!

Thursday, Feb 3rd:

Sickness or not, I was going to Liverpool (the birthplace of the Holy Four) and going to Liverpool involved getting up at the butt crack of dawn (4 am) for the 5:28 train! The trains were pretty cool. Richard Branson has a mean train business in Virgin Rail. There were little digital readers above the rows telling you which seats were booked and which were not. Anyway, got to Liverpool and had breakfast. Amongst the array of foods in my meal, there was “Black Pudding” which was boiled pig blood. No one was brave enough to order it with their meal but, I had the Jackass inspired adventurism coupled with testosterone imbalances so I tried it. It was not bad. After breakfast we all went to and walked along the harbor. It was beautiful! The boats and the views were awesome! So anyway, I spent the next few hours in the Beatles museum there. I would go into the awesome-ness I encountered there but, I would have to change my pants *wink,wink*! lol! Kim, a friend said Yoko looked like a rabid siamese cat. Yeah, she’s not a fan of Yoko. After that we took a decidedly different direction with the mood of places to go as we went to the International Slavery Museum. Liverpool got very wealthy from the slave trade which I thought was interesting. The overall exhibit was very interesting, mostly a review, but interesting. Here is where I get a tad controversial. When proposing and creating a museum or exhibit about a controversial subject, there is bound to be conflict. There were some famous battles over exhibits concerning the Atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Anyway, when these conflicts happen, the content of the exhibit or whatever gets very politically correct. This apparently happened to this exhibit to the detriment of good history. Hear me out, almost all of the exhibit was very good unfortunately they never mentioned the fact that Africans themselves often sold other Africans into the trade (source is Hofstadter’s “America at 1750: A Social Portrait). Anyway, enough of that. On to happy stuff now! We saw some more Beatles sites including a large memorial for the original entrance to the Cavern. An establishment where The Beatles often played and I believe they were “discovered” there. The day ended by seeing the world’s second largest Anglican cathedral in which I covertly read some Nietzsche (hehe)! End of that day…on to the next!

The Liverpool crew dining at some random Chinese Place

Where it all started!

Friday the 4th:

Group outing to a recreation of the Globe Theatre. It was in the original where Shakespeare had part ownership and where he put on some of his most famous plays. Needless to say, Shakespeare retired a very rich dude! Very interesting how much of Shakespeare’s lines worked with the stage and just how much audience “interaction” took place within his scripts. Man, I’m learning and reading a shit ton about Shakespeare this semester! Anyway, later that day I attended an Evensong service at St. Paul’s Cathedral. That was a great opportunity as they opened up the quire section normally closed to tourists for us to participate in the service. I have to say that my religious studies courses have given me a new appreciation for church services. I may absolutely disagree with Christian philosophy but, the practices and the history behind them are fascinating. I spent the whole time meditating on what Jesus would be like if he were to come back today (I think he would be a peyote taking, socialist hippy. Maybe I should write a gospel or something expanding on this view.) and, since I’m a man, meditating on how hot the two lovely ladies were who were sitting next to me! Anyway, end of that day.

Saturday the 6th:

Still sick so, since I could, I totally laid out in bed all day watching Professional Wrestling videos. The Undertaker cured me of my illness! There was this show “Wrestling Exposed” back in the late 90s when Wrestling was huge. It gave a pretty interesting breakdown on how the profession works. The section on what the referee does during the matches was interesting and the section about  calling spots was equally fascinating. I basically knew everything that was said and, I must add, most Wrestling fans now-a-days know these things. The program was interesting but, it was very insulting. The narrator made it seem like the pro-wrestling fan base are all idiots. Also, the program repeatedly called it fake. I would prefer to call it ad-libbed choreography as fake presupposes that nobody gets hurt and I think that it cheapens what wrestlers go through to make a living and to entertain us. Plus, the whole “this information is stuff that federations don’t want you to know” is really ridiculous. Even at the time that info was pretty available to the public. Lastly, apparently they don’t know what “suspension of disbelief” is. Anyway, here is the program and here is an example of wrestlers caught on camera calling spots:

P.S. Didn’t really read over  what I wrote. Might be some grammatical errors. Haters gonna hate!

P.P.S. Cena legitimately severely damaged his knee messing up the landing there.

  1. Lexy says:

    I would have loved to go to the Cavern at 13. Obsessions fade. But it would still be cool.

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