This Past Week (6th-13th)

Posted: February 15, 2011 in Uncategorized

What is up all? Here checking in. Not a lot happened this week however, there were some flashes of brilliance in the cesspool of gluttony because watching random stuff on the internet while eating vociferous amounts of Digestive cookies is way too much of a good time. Maybe I should stop as I’ve had to soak a chocolate stain off my sheets…no, on second thought, not going to happen. Since I discovered that Nutella is so cheap, I’ve graduated to eating bread/Nutella sandwiches in bed. I’m going to come back from this trip being a quarter Asian version of Ruben Studdard circa American Idol. But hey, the hedonist lifestyle is not for everyone! It takes sacrifice! haha! Anyway…

SUPERBOWL FRAKKEN (thanks Battlestar Galactica for placing that in my vocabulary) SUNDAY! Also, Monday….

The day started out just like any other Sunday. I was on the interwebz procrastinating writing up my one 750 word homework assignment for the week (I wrote about my St. Paul’s experience) and having the extremely healthy diet of the Brit version of a breakfast Powerade (the name escapes me atm) and digestive cookies. Anyway, after being responsible I joined the rest of the merry band of die-hard Packer fans from the group and headed to the game at an American themed bar and grill called “The Roadhouse”. In the United States we have specifically themed British pubs but with stereotypical British decorations but, it was very interesting and cool to see it flipped around in another country. They did a pretty good job of it. They had the 50s style neon lights, a motorcycle, a mannequin football and her mannequin cheerleader counterpart, booths straight out of Hudson’s (home of the best burger in the area in case you all forgot), and large televisions on every wall. It all was finished off with a certain “Euro sexiness” as I like to call it. However, they had a neon sign that had “DRUGS” lit up in huge lettering. Don’t think many US bar and grills are advertising drugs like that. Some wise guy “DERP!! Alcohol is a drug! Bars advertise Alcohol” I know, but its legal and bars make money. Its stupid that we differentiate the substance…[insert a long Libertarian rant against the Drug War here]…and now you sons of bitches, you know how I feel (fading bugles). Anyway, on to the matter at hand, THE FRAKKEN SUPERBOWL! We got there a couple of hours early and had burgers and beer. I opted to have only two and drank water or soft drinks the rest of the night, some of the other people I was with got a little tipsy by night’s end. There were a lot of people there and they were all very knowledgeable and pretty intense. Before the SUPERBOWL I got a huge “Fuck the Steelers” chant going and the opposing fans got a “Fuck the Packers” chant in retort to our previous transgression. It was all very fun. Anyway, during the game I got to know some cool people. I met another exchange student from the Florida State University program and talked to him a little bit. I also met two pretty awesome ladies. I had a conversation about the musical ideas behind Marilyn Manson’s remix of Rasputina’s “Transylvanian Concubine” and about Marquis De Sade with one of them. Yup, only me. I got her number. She’s showing me some Rock/Metal bars. Thug life. Nothing is going to happen since she’s in a relationship with another women but hey, I went out and met some girls who did not mind macabre subjects! After they left I rejoined my group and we basically told everyone where we were from by how frakking mental we got! We put a ship of sailors to shame with the curse words we were spitting. The night was awesome! Packers won! Did not get home until five am. I was so full of adrenaline that I didn’t get to bed until seven am and then got up for school around 9:40 am! Classes sucked that day! I was chugging so many Mountain Dews and one Monster trying desperately to stay awake. I already knew what falling asleep in Malcolm Dick’s International Studies class was like. Not fun.

Tuesday the 7th

Laundry and went to a production of “A Flea in her Ear”. Riotously funny play. Did not have the intellectual lair that I like but it is a farce, its not supposed to. I’m going to go to more farces back home for sure. Great play genre.

Wednesday the 8th

Not much happened however, I did get to see the Auto-icon of Jeremy Bentham in UCL’s main building. I am a fan of his. However, I must admit I like the man who was inspired by him, John Stuart Mill, more. I was looking forward to that for so long as I have taken aspects of Utilitarianism to help form my own personal philosophy ( Anyway, that was cool and I geeked out majorly. I really like UCL’s campus. I am considering going to UCL for a PhD after maybe eight or nine years of teaching. That idea is still very juvenile but its a very seductive one. I’m going to explore the idea further. Anyway…

Thursday the 9th

I went to a themed, King Henry the 8th dinner hosted by ISH with the King played by the dean of students. It was very cool. It was all candle-lit and there was a jester, and minstrels. Periodically the King’s people (forgot the official designations for such individuals but, oh well) would put people in the stocks where people would come up and throw anachronistic wet sponges at them. It is much better that way than being historically accurate. People don’t think it was bad back then but people threw metal objects back in the day along with the usual food and animal bones. It was serious even back then, people got permanently injured or killed! Anyway, my roommate and I smuggled in Ketchup. We were getting away with it until we got cavalier and just had it on the table with us. This got our faculty leader person, Dr. Rueb in the stocks. Everyone took a shot and he was drenched! That night at Karaoke I did “In the End” by Linkin Park and a duet with another person in the program of Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance”. Next week we are doing “Tik Tok”!

Yup, not hesitant to say I like that song either! Anyway…

Friday the 10th

Off day. Got caught up with Jersey Shore…totally not proud of that but, it’s way too entertaining! Gosh!

Saturday the 11th

Got out of bed at the ungodly early time of 10:40am. Headed to Camden and bought gifts for some members of the family. I also bought a sweet biker/metal black vest! I’m totally gonna be “Metal-ed” out by the end of this trip. Its going to be wicked! UP THE HORNS! Anyway, after that I took a walk through Regent’s Park (extremely beautiful by the way) with some friends and watched another friend’s Rugby game. Brutal sport! Still don’t know what the hell is going on though! That night the group went pub hopping and I continued the proud Munck family tradition of getting hammered and puking in England! I had to do it!

Sunday the 12th

Hangover and writing papers day.


Classes. the International Studies class took a walking tour of the East End of London and we all attended a lecture about one of London’s “Ragged” Schools given by the head lady of the museum. It was cool because the Ragged School we were in also worked as a living history museum and we sat in desks made during the time in a recreation, period classroom. Way bomb dude!

Gotta sleep now…Tower of London and studying for a test in Shakespeare class tomorrow!

  1. Lexy says:

    Yeah, sweet! Munck family tradition! Love it!

    I loled at the (fading bugles) bit. Also did you get a present for me at Camden?

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