This Past Week!

Posted: February 21, 2011 in Uncategorized

Buckle up! Because you are about to enter the rip roaring adventure that is my mind as I see the world! Yeah, I thought I should have a more exciting intro than the pathetic “whattup” I do every blog post. However, I can assure you, this week was not as exciting as I did not do much at all. I booked a trip to Amsterdam for the 17th through to the 19th of next month! Can’t wait! I’d have the chance to maybe do a little, as the euphemism goes, “window shopping” there. Kidding Mom! I think they have the true Absinthe there so I will have to try that. Anyway, since this week was another down week, I will be composing this blog post differently from the day-by-day narrative. I will go into the two activities I did this week and then what I’m doing/did in my classes! As William Shatner would say it, “Here…we…boldly…go…KHAAAAAANNN!”

The Tower of London:

On tuesday I went to  the Tower of London with five other people from the program. The weather was either being an infuriating troll or was legitimately bipolar. Take your pick but, the random rain bursts were ridiculous. However, I can’t really castigate London for its uneven weather patterns as sometimes my beloved Wisconsin decides sometimes as it wants Summer in Fall, and Spring in Winter. Crazy weather, crazy weather everywhere! Anyway, we got there, purchased tickets at the student-reduced rate and entered. We hung around and took the Yeoman tour. The particular Yeoman we had assigned to us was hilarious! He made fun of everyone, everything, and every country and their heroes. He was especially harsh on William Wallace and the manly qualities of Scottish women. I like these type of tours as the guides have personalities and are not politically correct. It makes it entertaining. BUT (and this is a big but..and I can not lie) this particular Yeoman Warder definitely took his jokes about women too far sometimes to the point where it inspired more cringes upon my face than laughter. Anyway, it was great to have a knowledge base about Reformations era and Middle ages history as it definitely made this trip very worth while. I could make real world connections from what I learned last semester. Anyway, this visit inspired a few creative fires within me. One is to write Death Metal songs dealing with the executions and torture of prisoners throughout the middle ages and Reformations era. That material is just too perfect for that style of music. The other particular project is to make a dark/gallows humor comedy called The Real Housewives of King Henry VIII! Anyway, saw the monarchy’s jewels which were cool.

The Knowledge:

This past Saturday I went to a play called “The Knowledge” at a theatre called The Bush Theatre. This wasn’t your typical theatre. It was located on the second floor above a pub called O’ Neil’s and the theatre itself was just an average room with two rows of stadium seating going all the way around the little one foot stage. The people in the first row often had to move their feet to keep from tripping the actors. Also, the actors did not have dressing rooms so they just changed right out in front of the audience. There were no stage hands so the actors did all of the prop moving. The actors pulled this off with a militaristic sense of perfection that was remarkable. Since the play was school themed, the surrounding wall was all chalkboard with math problems and proofs already written to add to the realism. It was all very intimate. Anyway, the bar scene before the show. Next door to this bar there is this concert hall which was hosting the Glam Metal band Europe who is famous for its song “The Final Countdown”. There were a lot of drunken Metal-heads in the bar, you know, my crowd. I had fun until I fell out of favor with the Glam Metal fans. Of course there weren’t any outward displays of Glam Metal fandom among this crowd as they were all wearing Cradle of Filth shirts, Europe shirts, Iron Maiden shirts, etcetera. Bon Jovi’s song “Its My Life” came on and I complained loudly, “Dammit! Bon Jovi is such a Glam Metal pussy!” Normally this sentiment would be met with cheers and high fives however, it became known to me during that moment of time that I was in Glam Metal fan territory. I quickly had to back step and be politically correct. lulz! Anyway, the play itself was very good! I would recommend seeing it. Take caution though as it is extremely mature both in themes and in language. Without giving away too much of the plot, there was simulated boy-on-girl oral sex.


I took an essay exam in Shakespeare this past Wednesday. I pretty much wrecked shop on it. I had to write two essays; one one Hamlet and one for the play Twelfth night. I wrote about the role of the Clown, Feste and his relationship with Lady Olivia in Shakespeare’s humor. The essay on Hamlet I pretty much wrote that Hamlet was a misogynist. I also wrote that Hamlet had a deep conflict between emotions and his intellectual/rational side within him. I think I’m going to write my semester paper on how women were treated in Shakespeare’s plays. He seems to me after reading what I’ve read to be a product of his time. His portrayal of women does not seem to be the most flattering. For my History paper I will be writing on how the abolition of the Corn Laws enabled Britain to industrialize. Goody goody! Economic history where I can explore comparative advantage and talk about David Ricardo!

This week promises to be jam packed! I will be going to Shakespeare’s home at Stratford-upon-Avon on Friday where I will also be taking in a performance of King Lear with the whole group. On Thursday I, along with a group of people, will be taking a tour of a Brewery. Also, on Saturday I will be taking a guided tour with some people of Bath, Stonehenge, and Salisbury! So, very busy week coming up!

P.S. Atlas Shrugged…THE MOVIE! ‘Nuff said. I’ve been reading the book with greater intensity in preparation.


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